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Become a Certified Peer Recovery Coach

Peer Recovery Coach Overview

A Peer Recovery Coach (PRC) is someone with personal experience in recovery and/or a professional that assists others seeking to initiate or maintain recovery by:
• Removing barriers to recovery
• Connecting peers to recovery resources
• Providing emotional support

Free Training

Native American Community Clinic is offering free training to become a certified Peer Recovery Coach (PRC).

The certification training will take place mid-June. There will be an opportunity for free ongoing training and supervision and the possibility of employment at NACC. Any necessary costs associated with training related travel will be covered by NACC.

Volunteer PRC will receive a cell phone to provide support to NACC clients in the Medication Assisted Recovery Services(MARS) and other NACC clients in recovery. PRC volunteers should have:
• Six months or longer in recovery
• The desire to support others in their recovery
• The willingness to participate in and complete a certificate training and up to 20 hours of supervision
• The ability to volunteer at NACC for at least one year
• No violent or predatory convictions

To Apply

Please fill out and submit an application and questions to:
Simone Haze Megas-Harmason
Chemical Health Care Coordinator

Phone: 612-843-5919 Fax: 612-876-8547

Together We Can Overcome the Drug Epidemic

Native American Family

Red Lake Nation, July 2016.

NACC offers a Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program. We provide supportive and holistic care for members of the Native American community struggling with opiate addiction. The program integrates physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health management in order to better support your journey to wellness. Click Here For More Information…