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Leadership & Staff

NACC Staff Leadership

Antony Stately, PhD., CEO

Zillehuma Hudda, CFO

Dr. Kari Rabie, CMO

Shannon Fahey, CIO

Board of Directors


Jo-Anne Stately

The Minneapolis Foundation

Stately is active in issues and programs directly benefiting the American Indian community. Currently serving as the Director of Impact Strategy for Economic Vitality at The Minneapolis Foundation, Jo-Anne areas of expertise include nonprofit management, health care, housing, workforce development, minority-owned businesses, and fund development.

Jean Forster

Professor Emerita in the School of Public Health, University of Minnesota. I collaborate with tribes, urban Indian community and the American Indian Cancer Foundation on reducing use of commercial tobacco.

Dr. Carol Krush

Worked as Medical Director for the Native American Community Clinic from 2003 to 2010.

Anthony L. Genia

Experienced Engineering Manager, non-profit Director, Chief Financial Officer, college educator, entrepreneur, grant maker, and community/tribal economic development officer. Has worked with multiple tribes across the US to plan and implement poverty reduction initiatives.

Lyle H. Iron Moccasin

American Indian OIC

Founding Board Member. Successful background of advocacy and knowledge of issues affecting the underserved, hard to serve and diverse communities and population.

Valerie Larsen

Community Resource Specialist. Green Jobs Pathway Program. MIGIZI Communications

Monica Yellow Bird

Executive Director of Bii Gii Wiin CDLF.

Elizabeth Royal

Attorney at Law

Attorney and MPH Candidate 2016 with a focus on public health laws, regulations, and policies as they relate to obesity, Type II diabetes and related diseases in the American Indian communities.

Sharon Schaschl

Registered Nurse. NACC volunteer Saturday RN for 10 years. Taught Nursing Assistant Course at AIOIC for 3 years

Elaine Salinas

President Migizi Communications and Board member for several community organizations.